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Today's Tip
Yam and Its Benefits

Yams have water soluble dietary fibers and are low in calories, fat and starch.
People on a diet can eat more yams to satisfy hunger.

Today's Tip
Pumpkins and Diabetics

Pumpkins have the highest content of carotene among gourds. Their dietary fiber can slow down carbohydrates absorption making them suitable for people with diabetes.

Today's Tip
Tips for Grilling Mushrooms

Grilling can preserve the rich flavor of mushrooms. Brushing on sauce while
grilling can retain the moisture in the mushroom.

Today's Tip
Shrimps are Nutrition

Shrimps don't have much fat but have plenty of protein, calcium and zinc,
making them a good supplement.

Today's Tip
Healthy Tip: Ground Meat

Processed ground meat typically contains more fat. Purchase the cut meat and
mice/ground the meat at home, while removing the skin and fat of the meat. 

Today's Tip


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